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Gum Disease Therapy

Also, knowns as Peridonntal Therapy, Gum Disease Therapy set out to manage and treat gum disease without the need for surgery. 

How Does it work?

Gum Disease is a severe infection of the gums, that if left untreated can damage and degrade the jawbone. 

Gum Disease therapy can help with gingivitis which presents as gum inflammation. This can help heal the gums, so that it won't progress into more serious illnesses like gum disease.

In the early stages of gum disease, the doctor with use scaling and root planing to heal your gums. Scaling is a "deep cleaning" procedure in which the Dentist will be able to reach and clean the buildup of tartar and plaque that's hidden under the gum line. Root Planing is a procedure that involves smoothing out the rough areas of the roots that grow bacteria.

In many cases the doctor can also prescribe medicated gels to help keep the bacteria at a healthy level in your mouth.

If you want to know more about how you can care for your smile, call our office today! Our staff is knowledgeable and here to help. 

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