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All Smiles Family Dentistry Welcomes Dr. Sima To The Team!

All Smiles Family Dentistry is excited to welcome Dr. Corneliu Sima as a new dentist to our team starting in 2024!

Dr. Sima has over 15 years of experience as periodontist and implant surgeon. He spent 7 years at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and The Forsyth Institute providing periodontal and oral surgical care, conducing cutting-edge research and teaching periodontics. He now brings this exceptional experience to the West!

Dr. Sima is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality periodontal, implant and oral surgical services that will certainly transform your smile!   

His patients benefit from the latest technologies and a welcoming environment that focuses on patient needs and desires.

Dr Sima will provide accurate diagnoses and tailored treatment for the best possible outcomes, state of the art microsurgical approaches to minimize discomfort and enhance healing and cutting-edge technologies and evidence-based approaches for predictable results.

He enjoys most of his spare time outside in the Reno-Tahoe area, on his main hobby, photography, and supporting environmental protection.

We are so excited to bring Dr. Sima's excellent service to the All Smiles Family Dentistry team!

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